>26 March, 2010: Bitter Cold Ahead of Summer-like Warmth

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After the mid to upper 70s of 7-days ago, tonight may see TEENS across interior sections of the Northeast and even Mid-Atlantic before yet another, potentially WARMER period of weather settles across this weather-beaten region of the US.

It’s amazing at how cold this air is that’s draining into the East as bare in mind it’s only a few more days till April and this is with much much shorter nights and a sun that’s as strong as September now…

What will become more amazing is that if we see interior teens, even the odd single digit and then a flip to the 80s… well that’s pretty amazing stuff…

From AccuWeather.com
April to Bring Warmth, Big Storms, Snow

Scotland in for more snow?
14 sub-freezing nights in March, perhaps another one or two and then some to commence April

It was only when I got a text tonight that I heard of rumors of snow next week, I then looked at the BBC forecast for next Tuesday, only to find “heavy snow”… AND a few nights where 32 degrees is the low. NO this is not all that rare, even for late March but I did truely believe we wouldn’t see more snow this winter but we shall see what we shall see… this may or may not happen but if so, that would be pretty cool. a few more frosts WAS EXPECTED right up through mid-April..

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