>21 March, 2010: Upside Down: Sub-freezing highs and snow in Oklahoma, Upper 60s to near 70 in Maine

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> Yesterdays Highs (Graphic Courtesy of The Weather Channel)

Enjoying those 70s on the Greenway in Boston, MA (Photo Courtesy of the Boston Globe)

Dreadful conditions for shoppers fighting windchill and snow along S. Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL (Photo Courtesy of The Chicago Tribune)

Whilst the march of colder air drove across the country and slicing and dicing the spring-warmth, those in a corridor from Oklahoma City to Chicago were cursing, their flip from 60s, 70s, sun and warmth to snow, cold and wind as the polar-front swung through, whilst still out ahead of the spring-spoiler, easterners were rejoycing in quite the opposite to those behind the system as air being pumped from the sub-tropics brought 70s all the way up the Appalachain chain reaching as far north as MAINE, from the upper 70s of North Georgia to low 70s into Massachussetts and likely even into portions of Maine where 68 and 69 degrees was reported as up to Portland and Bangor. Points in between saw mid-70s including the big cities where downslope off the Appalachains may have helped warm them up. Upper 70s to near 80 was reported along the coastal plain of the Carolinas, away from the ocean.

Meanwhile, whilst a band of snow ran from the southern Rockies and the southern Plains up through the mid-section and into Chicago, heavy to at times severe weather hammered east Texas as thunderstorms blew up on the warm, stormy side of this powerful storm system.
The focus of course was on Oklahoma City which recieved winds gusts into the 30-40 mph range after a period of thunderstorm and hail ushered the arrival of a major weather change. Temperatures soon plummeted and with low temperatures remaining at 30 degrees throughout the day yesterday, it felt more like the mid to upper teens by mid-morning and actually dropped to a 14 degrees wind chill at one point, perhaps even lower at times. Snowfall was modest to heavy with plenty of blowing of that snow which created and likely still is creating a travel menace. It was like going from late spring to winter within a day. Even North Texas saw highs no better than the mid to upper-30s with Amarillo recieving wind chills as low as 3 degrees yesterday morning.
As for Chicago, on the north end of the precip band, after 65 degrees, Friday, residents and visoitors endured wind-driven snow which bit the faces of those attempting to do a little shopping along Michigan Ave with windchills around 20 degrees all day and a high of only 33 degrees, some 32 degrees cooler than the previous day. Snow totals apprently ranged from 3 inches in the northern and western suburbs to around 1.1 inches at both Midway and O’Hare.
It appears 1-3 inches is the likely totals for OKC and even Dallas reported snow flurries and showers for several hours. There are reports of official 7″ totals across eastern OK and KS but some areas are still likely to see upwards of a foot in the higher regions of these two states. A few inches were reported in North Texas also but I await totals.

Los Angeles and Southern California seeing a cooldown from 4-7 days ago as storm and front to the north weakens high pressure over Arizona
Behind the storm and front, it was cold, unsettled and very windy across the Rockies whilst west of the Rockies it remained warm and pleasant all the way from LA to Seattle where higher pressures remain, though weaker than 4-7 days previous. LA’s temps though still warm and slightly above average is well down from the 88 enjoyed earlier in the week, which was welcomed by all after a cool, wet and unsettled winter which saw no Sanat Ana events which for warm weather lovers was a dissapointment.
A new storm system now pushing into the Pacific Northwest is pushing a front down and weakening the upper-level ridge that brought all the very warm weather with a weak onshore flow beginning to effecting the coast, reducing temps anywhere from Coronado Island up through the LA beaches up to Morro Bay as morning clouds and fog are influencing temps and sunlight more, though places inland from the coast should see burnoff by early to mid-morning and afternoon sunshine, the cooler temps will be as a result of weaker high pressure with the influence of the front across Northern California.
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