>20 March, 2009: Blizzard conditions today in OKC after 73-degree high yesterday

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It’s wild times on the High Plains where 60s and 70s has been sliced by a strong Arctic front which has sent temps crashing and snow flakes are flying in areas that basked in the 70s just yesterday afternoon. Heavy snow, strong winds and wind chill is now ruling the western high Plains and cold is dominating the north…

A line of thunderstorms are also rolling through central and east Texas whilst snow is likely to accummulate 2-6 inches on the panhandle. The low dropped to 21 degrees this morning at Amarillo, Texas and currently has a windchill of 6 degrees whilst Midland, Texas hit 30 degrees today after a high yesterday of 80!

Eastern Oklahoma and Kansas are expected to see blizzard conditions through today as current temps are around 28 to 32 degrees. Yesterday’s high in OK City was 73 degrees, not even 24 hours ago!! and the city is now their under a winter storm warning and even a state of emergency has been declared in parts as heavy snow is expected to drop anywhere from 4-12 inches of heavy wet snow, with eastern Oklahoma and Kansas likely to see the biggest totals… Incidentally eastern OK and KS enjoyed low to mid-70s yesterday, a quite remarkable contrast.

For Chicago snow is falling amid sub-freezing temperatures after 65 degrees yesterday, the current wind chill is just 20 degrees.
According to WGN-TV’s Tom Skilling, the Harrison-Dever Crin, 3 miles off the Chicago shore saw a temperature drop of 30 degrees within an hour! Dropping from 62 to 42 degrees. At Northerly Island on the lakefront, it went from 64 to 47. On the city’s south side, a weather bug sensor saw a drop of 15 degrees in just 15 minutes..
Amazingly, 70s will rule the East Coast today and tomorrow as the region from Boston to DC should enjoy 70s today with readings as high as 75 degress in eastern PA, New Jersey and into New York City. Philly also should see mid-70s and perhaps upper 70s down around the DC-Baltimore area. Even 80s is highly possible east of the Appalachains along the Carolinas coastal plain, away from the coast.
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