>As Flooding grows so too does the Spring Warmth, but snow and cold is not done completely just yet!

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>Spring-like weather appears to be cranking up across the Lower 48 as floods worsen and the heat begins it’s journey northward towards the pole but as this warmth spreads, it will fire severe weather as winter I’m sure is not completely done yet. the building warmth and residual cold which will try to get south will spark outbreaks of Severe Weather throughout March, April and May..

Finally California enjoys a rest from the set, unsettled weather and a taste of what their more accustomed to settles in for the rest of this week… LA’s record of 85 degrees could well be tied or broken this afternoon whilst I’m sure those beaches from Huntington up to Malibu fill up nicely..

Note just how much warmth is spreading north and encompassing basically all of the US, where’s the cold air? Also note the heat gradually building over the Desert Southwest again!

Graphics courtesy of The Weather Channel
Major rains continue to bombard the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, certainly a place that could see a rest from bad weather eh!
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