>50s beginning to rule my thermometer, nights becoming less cold

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>A high yesterday of 53 and 51 today with this mornings low of 41 degrees, signs are showing that winter is all but over for another year, however this doesn’t mean we can’t see more frosty nights, April always displays a few frosty nights and even May can see the odd one or two every few years…

I feel now it’s safe to say the Highlands are going to see shrinking more and more of their snowpack, the Campsie Fells are loosing it faster now that days are warming up and nights are really not getting much below freezing now but I still hold on to the idea that the snow even on the Campsies won’t completely go for perhaps another month as there is still very deep patches where drifts of 5-10 feet lay just 2 weeks ago, you’ll need a feww days even in the 60s and nights in the 40s, even 50s to really remove those deeper areas that are sheltered for a good part of the day by the trees or hills..

Further north many areas even at lower levels within the Highlands may have snow patches lie throughout May and even into June with the higher peaks remainign snowcovered into July!

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