>Wild East Coast Storm brings major Flooding and Wind

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> Image courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

With all the rain and wind combined with the snow on the ground, this is a very volitile situation for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Coasts are being battered by 50-60 mph winds, huge waves pound beaches and torrential rains driven by these winds are probably making this storm similar to a tropical storm for folks little the the whistling of wind and the battering of rain.

A women has sadly died after being swept away in Maple Fork, West Virginia. Some 2-4 inches of rain fell throughout the night there and it appears major flooding is occuring across many areas that have been buried beneath 2-4 feet of snow through February.

Countless streams, creeks and rivers are swelling as well as roads becoming washed out simply because of the huge runoff from the Appalachains with the combination of rain and massive snowpack melt…


The coast’s main concern is damaging wind gusts and wave and storm surge. Many folks from the Virginia to southern New England coast will see gale to storm force gusts and some areas may likely see some hurricane force gusts, though there have been no confirmed gusts to hurricane force. It appears the Jersey Shore is bearing the brunt of this storm with wind and rain along the immediate coast where gusts of 65 mph have been reported at Atlantic City.


It appears areas to the west of the Appalachains may experience snowfall mixed in with the rain, how much will fall and exactly where remains to be seen but if anywhere it will be on top of the highest ridges of the Appalachains of the Virginias and PA as well as across the higher elevations of New England.

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