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Mar 13, 2010; 1:02 PM ET

The flooding problems that AccuWeather.com feared would ensue across the Northeast and Midwest have evolved. Unfortunately, flooding will remain an issue for many through the next several days.

Flood Waters Draining Downstream in Mid-Atlantic

The combination of melting snow and heavy rain quickly brought streams and rivers out of their banks across the central Appalachians Friday night into Saturday.

The flood waters spilled onto neighboring roads and land, threatening homes and businesses. One woman died near Bradley, W.Va., after getting swept into water along Maple Fork.

A bit of rain will persist across the central Appalachians the rest of this weekend, but the heaviest rain is over.

New flooding problems will now arise as waters from swollen streams and smaller rivers drain into larger waterways. The major rivers of the Ohio, James and the Potomac will continue to rise into early next week.

Melting snow was a significant contributor to the flooding across the central Appalachians. The arrival of colder air will slow the melting rate the rest of this weekend. A few mountain peaks will even get snowflakes.

Since snow remains on the highest elevations, the central Appalachians will have to be monitored for more flooding problems in the upcoming weeks.

Flooding Rain across Eastern Sections of the Northeast

Heavy rain will continue to press northward across eastern parts of the Northeast this weekend. That rain alone will trigger more flooding in low-lying and poor drainage areas, as well as along streams.

Some streets and highways in Philadelphia, New York City, Providence and Boston will become inundated and impassible.

Flooding will also take place along the coast as strong winds drive ocean water onshore.

Melting snow will worsen the situation in and around the Catskill, Berkshire, southern Adirondack and southern Green mountains. Colder air will slow this melting by the start of Sunday.

Needed Drier Weather for the Central Plains

Recent rain and melting snow have risen several rivers to moderate flood stage in and around Iowa.

The immediate threat of heavy rain has ended. Spotty showers will dampen the region tonight, then again around the middle of next week.

The much needed drier weather weather will allow flood waters to run their course through the waterways. Residents can expect further rises on major rivers the next several days, while smaller rivers recede.

Next weekend is when the next chance of significant rainfall may enter back into the picture.

By AccuWeather.com Senior Meteorologist Kristina Pydynowski

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