>My transition to Spring slowly kicking in!

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>As I write this at 3.20am and ready to head off for another day of work, I am slowly but surely beginning to spring transition in “postings”. As you can see more and more I am talking Severe Weather Season and likely later today, Hurricane Season, soon it will be all about the warm season that’s creeping ever closer. Yes, I am ready for a new season and not because I’m tired of winter, as I love winter but, like most of you, we’re almost always ready for a new season, especially after so much winter this year.

Unfortunately for many, winter is not quite done yet, ice remains on many bodies of water and snow remains on hills, albeit lighter here as I look over the Campsies but further back on top of them, a decent snowpack remains and will likely remain there until April. Days though warming up aren’t warming as much as they could be, we aren’t breaking above normal temps for the time of year, as an actual fact we’re remaining below normal, but that can’t last forever, it’s now March 11 and probably very cold waters and snow covered hills is helping refridgerate much of our surface air more, keeping those breezes that bit nippier on exposed skin…

It’s simply the aftermath of a truely cold winter.

This morning we dropped once again into the 20s (low 29 degrees) and the 9th morning below freezing in March alone, we are heading for another well below normal month but I have a feeling April won’t have so much of a negative departure from normal, hopefully!

Later today I shall discuss the hurricane season…

Have a great day everyone.

Thanks for reading.

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