>Severe Weather & Snowmelt Flooding now beginning to be the bigger issues

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Midwest Flooding Potential rising
The same storm system that’s presenting the severe weather treat to the Southern Plains is presenting more of a flooding threat to areas of the Dakotas and down in Nebraska as not only rains will fall but as the warmer air continues to surge over the snowcovered ground, snows are beginning to melt faster and the combo of both warmer air and rains is not helping the all but inevitable spring scenario which many areas of the world are now facing, some are getting it worse than others depending upon how much snow you’ve on the ground and how much water lies within the snowpack.
Thankfully we aren’t seeing a major surge in temps but more a slow warming trend which is seeing slightly above freezing highs across much of the area and with lighter rains than heavy, this is also leading to a slow melt and not rapid, thankfully!

Northeast, Mid-Atlantic Flooding Potential rises with warming temps and rainfall
After the mammoth snows of the last few months and at a point when we saw a level 4 feet of snowdepth with higher drifts in particularly hardest hit areas of Pennsylvania, the Virginias and western Maryland but even sections of western NJ and across central New England have a 1-2 feet with locally higher amounts which is all slowly melting, temperatures are noticibly warming up and therefore it’s inevitable we’re going to see flooding issues from urban, stream and river flooding.
The Northeast will be impacted by the south-central states weather system which is going to bring periods of heavy and persistent rains and combined with stiff onshore winds along the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coast will bring a horrible few days with beach erosion likely.
After a silent February for Tornadoes, the Severe Weather Season is beginning to kick in as the warm, moister tropical air begins it’s northward migration towards the pole as the Northern winter wanes and summer is just around the corner.

With an area of low pressure spinning over the OK-KS state lines and an associated front which sepeartes the two key air masses to spark a line of potent and turbulent weather will bring at least strong thunderstorms which will allow gusty winds, hail and torrential rain as well as fierce thunder and lightening.

However, severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, large hail, flooding rains and indeed the risk of tornadic spin within the clouds is likely to produce at least 1 or 2, maybe more tornadoes. Ever more we creep further and further into spring and it was always only a matter of time before warm and tropical mositure began surging out of the Gulf of Mexico and slam up against the still cold air across the Northern tier, send a strong jet aloft with an associated storm system and your always going to have strong to severe thunderstorms blow up where the thermal boundary is located.

Graphics courtesy of AccuWeather.com
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