>Waves Slam Mediterranean Cruise Ship, Killing Two

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>From AccuWeather.com
Source: http://www.accuweather.com/blogs/news/story/25676/waves-slam-mediterranean-cruis.asp

Two cruise ship passengers were killed when 26-foot waves crashed into the ship near the French Mediterranean port of Marseille on Wednesday morning, local time.
Data from an offshore buoy station near Marseille reported tropical storm-strength wind gusts of 45 mph and waves over 15 feet Wednesday.
A storm bringing rain showers was moving through the area at the time.
AccuWeather.com meteorologists don’t expect the massive waves to continue as the storm system proceeds through the region.
The waves produced could have been waves of a shorter, wider variety that stacked up on the continental shelf of Southern France.
As waves stack upon relatively shallow sea beds surrounding a land mass, they can become significantly larger and more powerful.
Six people were also injured as the waves crashed into the windows of the public area on deck 5 of the ship, smashing glass in its path.
The Cyprus-based Louis Majesty was sailing from Barcelona to Genoa Italy with nearly 2,000 people onboard.
The ship is currently heading back to Barcelona.

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