>Though below freezing, tonight will be warm compared to last night

Written by on March 4, 2010 in Rest of Europe with 0 Comments

>-18C reported overnight in Braemar, only -4C here!

With a 0F at Braemar but a mere balmy and somewhat dissapointing 24 here, I am beginning to realise that over snowcover and within sheltered Highland glen where daytime highs remain in a struggle to get much above freezing still, they can still achieve very low reading at night, but where the highs are climbing now well into the 40s and under direct sunlight we’re now feeling a real springlike heat off the sun, nights are becoming too short now to really achieve low readings and last night was a great example…

A calm, clear night and I am noticing now that the ability for the air to cool off at night is starting to wane more and more with slow drop offs during the overnight despite good conditions for cooling. The lows are now being made much much earlier so where the low was being set around 9 or even 10am a month ago is now being made around 6am and darkness is only arriving around 6.30-7pm at night now so we really don’t have much time to see really cold air settle now, a sure sign we are slowly climbing out of this winter, finally…

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