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>-20C tonight forecasted for Braemar and Finnart, both within the Highlands region….

That is a forecast low that’s even surprised me, whilst -15 to -18 was in my mind for some Highland spots, obviously the right ingredients are in place for lower readings than what we’ve seen so far..

The BBC have forecasted these numbers and they must see perhaps a more supportive atmosphere with possibly colder air aloft that could sink down through the Glens of Scotland and use all that warm reflective snowpack to really bring down the temperature tonight.

What’s interesting is when reading my “frozen in time” book which relates to the harshest of winters in British history, it said that during the 62-63 winter after literally the entire winter of freezing conditions, a reading during the first few nights of March hit -21 at Braemar and we could very well get mightly close to that reading by tomorrow morning…

When looking back we’ve seen a -18 in Dec, -22 in Jan and -19 in Feb for the lowest monthly lows, so those numbers are impressive, could we beat Feb’s lowest? Now that would be amazing..

I’ve been so amazed at just how many lows within the Highlands this winter have constantly dropped well below -10 and regularly fell to -15. Of course the snowcovered ground for close to 3 months solid now has helped a long way but also the constant refreshment of Arctic air to the northern half of Scotland has also played a major role…

Let’s see what the morning brings as it’s down to -8 in a few spots as of the 9pm stats by the Met Office.. Those numbers are likely below -10 now actually..

The Glasgow site has already hit the teens again with 19 yesterday morning so I am routing for teens here by morning… The forecast for Glasgow tonight is 23 or -5.

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