>A few scattered thoughts on the US winter and why I don’t think it’s been all that cold.

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>I’ve really been wanting to post lately on the US winter and how it unfolded, whilst I am truely dissapointed in the lack of “extreme cold” the massive snowfalls and record cold in the more milder portions of the nation (southern states including florida) have all but made up for my wish for remarkable cold and possible all-time records breaking…

It appears Florida has seen it’s coldest winter in 30 years and of course we all know about the record breaking snows across the mid-atlantic region and the 2nd snowiest season for Dallas etc etc, but here is a few closing thoughts I want to put to you before heading for bed…

Was there simply too much snow in the air this winter for it to get VERY COLD. What I mean is, the powerful southern branch and the higher values of moisture floating through the atmosphere enduced by the El Nino, did this help keep the air warmer?

That may seem strange since it’s been a winter with more prolonged cold and just a brief thaw in between a persistent chill across much of the US but particularly across the south and east of the mississippi.

Another idea is that perhaps the cold air has been just so extensice across the hemisphere this winter, that it’s not been TOO COLD simply because it’s had too much airpsace to cover…. Meaning, during winters where there are more or bigger warm pools, where the cold collects, it’s more concentrated and therefore produces colder LOCAL TEMPS, whether it be over the Northeast US or East Asia etc etc… I believe Europe and Asia has witnessed the most brutal cold this winter and the US has bore the brunt of the snow side to winter and not so much extreme cold…

More on the US winter look back coming soon, I promise.

Thanks for reading.

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