>Spring is here!

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>Ok, if you read that title you may ask, what spring? True, with the exceptions of yesterday when looking out in the afternoon and ignoring bare trees, you’d have swore it was summer out there wouldn’t you….

Then I looking at the hills blanketed by snow and then I looking at yesterday mornings 24 degree low. Right now it’s 3.25am and we’re falling slowly beyond 25 degrees and I hold on to the idea of a low in or close to 20 degrees. Over the snowpack there’s places heading to 10 degrees with sections of the Highlands heading even lower.

Spring may be on the way folks but lets not wish for it TOO FAST, yes, with all that deep snowpack, that has to melt and when it does I fear for major flooding issues, lets not hope we warm too fast. Yesterdays mid-50s feeling air in the direct sun certainly made for a breathtaking springlike day but the actual high here yesterday was 41 degrees in the shade. Nights remain cold and look to remain so for a while yet but I believe the end of March may be a lot warmer, so we have only a matter of a few weeks before we should be looking at warmer days and likely less cold nights though the frosty mornings won’t end until mid-April as they typically do. April mornings should only cool to around 27-28 rather than 20-24 degrees, the difference in averg temp really starts to climb now and we will see a noticable difference at the end of this month. Perhaps our first 60 degree afternoon in the final days of March?

Oh, and for a little sidenote, the US has just experienced it’s first tornado-free February, unfortunately they have more snowstorms to deal with, that I shall talk about later today…

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