>WINTER MAYHEM CONTINUES: Record snowstorm in Moscow, Massive Blizzard to strike New England and Braemar, Scotland hits -19C!!!

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>Rannoch Moor near Glen Coe

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Just when you thought this winter season couldn’t get any worse or a few weeks ago you may have even thought winter was over, well as you can see and feel, it isn’t.

Though the snows that are being driven on board a howling east wind and windchills are in the teens and low 20s, winter is far from over STILL and more freezing days and periodic snowfall is likely to continue through March as this pattern has no signs of letting up but as stated before the end is in sight, just not quite yet.


Cold numbers are nearing the levels seen at the end of December through early January with lows in the -5C to -10C range for the lowlands of central Scotland whilst further north in the deep sheltered glens of the Highlands, though daytime highs reflect the late season, nights are still falling to very very low levels. Deep snowcover, light winds, very clear starry skies and Arctic air is forcing temperatures to plummet by night with nights no warmer than -15C at the known UK cold spot of Braemar in Aberdeenshire for about 4-5 nights straight.
While yesterday morning saw the lowest reading of the month here of 19F or -8C, Braemar fell to -19C which is very impressive and more so now, simply because it’s late in the season and this reading is colder than any reading last winter, it also marks the second coldest morning of this very cold winter. The 19 degree low here yesterday was a cold one since we had no snow cover. However where the snow has lay deep and continued to pile up endlessly since Dec 17th, regaular lows below -10C have been reported throughout the central Highlands.

Incidently they got dumped by a record 26 inches in four days ending yesterday…

Breaking the 1966 February record of 25 inches set back during the heart of the cold war, Moscow struggles to dig out from the blockbuster snowfall.

After a seemingly endless month and indeed winter of mega snowstorms that have smashed snowfall records across the Mid-Atlantic and brought massive depths of snowcover, it appears imminent now that a blizzard will impact the interior Northeast that could become the biggest snow producer of the entire season, that is really saying something and considering the 40+ inches reported in the last two big snows across the high ground of western Maryland, I guess I am expecting hurricen force gusts and perhaps as much as 50 inches of snow and major blowing and drifting from this storm…
Stay tuned to this as I shall be blogging about this storm!
Thanks for reading.

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8 Reader Comments

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >And as for "professional scientific astrologers" that enjoy watching starwars, I just have to chuckle silently. Those three words don't belong in the same sentence.

  2. Anonymous says:

    >I've had one day off work this winter due to the snowfall and I have a 50 mile drive to get to work over low and high level roads. Your evidence is all subjective, I need you guys to come up with a quantitative analysis. Is the world mean air temperature at this moment more than two standard deviations below the mean over the last 30 years? I find tales of snowdrifts and huge snowflakes dull. I have seen snowdrifts plenty of times. It does not point to record snowfalls nor low temps. And of course, localised snowfalls added to by high winds will cause drifts which amplify the snow depth. This is a known phenomena.

  3. Mark'sWxWorld says:

    >That is amazing! 20 inches… can you email me photos, please? where abouts are you?

  4. Anonymous says:

    >It's the dying wildlife I feel sorry for.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >I live at about 800ft and have had snow in the garden since a week before christmas, today
    25 2 10 I have a further overnight fall of about 20 inch !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    anyway I love the snow and I can only hope that as Mark has said this is the way the winters will be for the next 30 years

  6. Mark'sWxWorld says:

    >Thanks for your comments "anonymous". you like many good folks out there are again a great example of small minded weather or climate enthusiasts. Your another person who doesn't see the bigger picture. Like Theodore has stated, there have been many areas that have recieved their worst winter in recent memory. I'm not saying this has been the worst but certainly a winter that couldnt have been more different to what ive seen in my 27 years thats for sure. Going by the fact snow cant be sustained below 2,000ft in eastern scotland means absolutely nothing. you need to look broader scale my friend, not out your window to make a judgement. But thanks for your comment!

  7. Theodore White, judicial Astrolog.S says:

    >Just another sign of the global cooling to come. I do not agree with this winter being "hype" as many regions across the northern hemisphere experiences the worst winter season in recent memory.

  8. Anonymous says:

    >Despite it being the "coldest Feb" in however many years, it is not cold enough to sustain snowcover below 2000 feet in eastern Scotland. So I think that this is utter hype. It's just an average winter that one would have expierenced in the 80s and its about time those Piers fans fell off the wagon. It's not getting colder so get over it.

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