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>Todays Extremes here at the house
High 35 degrees Low 19 degrees
An overnight which saw uninterupted clear skies and calm winds with the previous evening experiencing rapid cooling after sunset under very clear skies and no wind which allowed a reading as early as 10-11pm down to 24 degrees, those calm, very clear skies remained throughout the night and just before sunrise we dropped below the three-way tie of 21 degrees for the monthly low and fell to a new monthly low of 19 degrees, interestingly more or less all of Scotland airspace remained clear also and where the snow cover remained deep, the favoured cold glens saw brutal cold with lows across many areas down below 14 degrees but the prize goes to Braemar which saw a night fall to the second lowest reading of the entire winter with -19C or -2F.
After a morning of clear skies and a slow recover from a cold start, clouds began rolling up from the south as well as an increase in winds out of the east by late morning and continued during the afternoon but skies to the north remained clear all day. It stayed cooler than normal and combined with a brisk east wind, it felt cold and biting. Frost remained on the ground in sheltered areas and have done for some three days now. This evening, heavy skies remained with pockets of clearing but winds blowing brisk out of the east kept the windchill low and raw feeling. That wind will help hold temps above freezing through much of the night and may only fall to around 33 or 32 degrees when the snows arrive late tonight into the early hours of tomorrow morning.

(For Wednesday)
High 34 degrees Low 32 degrees
RAIN/SNOW: Persistent snow throughout the day, changecover to rain late in the day
An overnight which started chilly and blustery eventually saw the arrival of snow which began accummulating just before daybreak. A day which saw strengthening wind and persistent snowfall which though accummulated, didn’t to any great degree. Areas higher in elevations saw significant accummulations of as much as 8-12 inches with just a few hundred feet of elevation difference and with gale force winds, blowing and drifting not only created travel and visibility issues, it also closed roads. It was in my opinion the bleakest day of winter with ice cold winds out of the east and a persistent snowfall blowing horizontal throughout the day. Windchills ranged from 17-22 degrees all day with air temps around 32-33 all day, only warming by late evening to 34 degrees.

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