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>(For Mon 22 Feb)
Todays Extremes here at the house
High 41 degrees Low 23 degrees
Yet another day of beautiful crisp sunshine and light winds across much of central Scotland to start and once again thanks to overnigh clear skies, temps fell into the low 20s. Though winds were light across the central belt, as I drove south on the M74/M6 en-route to Liverpool winds became fresh out of the east and the land became snow covered around the Lake District of Cumbria. As we stepped out of the car for a bite of lunch at Lancaster services, though skies remained sunny, winds blowing from the east at 5-15mph and across fresh snowcover over the Pennines and over to Yorkshire, temps in the mid-30s combined with brisk winds produced one of the coldest “feeling” days of the entire winter, it felt bitter even further south across Liverpool where there was ice and even some snow on house roofs and on the edge of some pavements, showing it wasn’t warm that’s for sure.. Windchills were likely down into the low 20s or even upper teens at times throughout the day and bright sunshine made for a very deceptive look from inside a warm car. The sun dropped to create a beautiful sunset but orange skies made for a very cold look and by evening under clear skies and a still blustery ice-cold wind, it was becoming a very cold night as much of the Midlands and north of Englanbd as well as much of Scotland was in for the coldest night in weeks. Skies remained clear from the Liverpool area to home here in the central belt and I believed with winds calm here and an air temp down to 24 degrees by 11pm we may have been in for a low by morning down into the teens.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Fife's weather station reached it's lowest ever recorded temp this morning. I knew it was a special moment as I spied a minus 6.5 on the temp gauge whilst heading to work. Lochgelly's surface remains in a solid state.

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