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Written by on December 30, 2009 in Rest of Europe with 1 Comment

>Todays Extremes here at the house
High 35 degrees Low 32 degrees
RAIN/SNOW: Morning snow showers, late evening snow showers, some heavy and providing a fresh coating.
Snowcover 2″
Mildest day in 2-weeks… but the effect of wind is two-fold, since it’s holding the temperature up slightly, it’s also creating a wind chill… So, though it’s warmer, it “feels” colder.. Wind chills have been below freezing throughout the day. Tonight it feels like between 17-20 degrees. with a sustained 20-25mph NE wind. Air temp hovering between 32-33 degrees, if winds lighten, we’ll drop into the upper 20s! Snowshowers are also blowing through and even creating a slight covering. High tomorrow: 32 degrees, Low tomorrow night 25 degrees. If clear and with light to calm wind, it will likely be down around 19-22 degrees as the New Year arrives..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Listen now, have you tried to freeze milk?

    It's the only real indicator of a harsh winter and so far, this blog has said nothing about milk.

    Dairy D

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