>Myself, Mr Bastardi and the Chinese Model all in the same boat

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(Photo by Mark Vogan) Icy Shores of Loch Katrine during late afternoon on Sunday.

Glasgow in the west now an impressive 6.4 below normal for December whilst Edinburgh in the east is 5.4 below normal for December …. How much below normal for January and perhaps even February? Major snows crippling Wales and parts of England… Is Scotland’s Cold, Growing Colder?

We also saw Braemar not only hit -18C for the lowest SO FAR this season but the “high” yesterday was -12C. Now that is cold, especially when that beats the coldest low here at my house in Lennoxtown which was an impressive -11C on Christmas Eve morning.

Over a foot of snow fell across many parts of Wales and heavy snow is predicted tonight for northern and eastern Scotland as well as parts of England and Wales.

Turner Overdrive: Winter: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

AccuWeather.com’s Joe Bastardi on a video today speaks about the Chinese Model and how it sees a cold January through March period for much of the United States, Europe including here in the British Isles and East Asia. A lot of the Northern Hemisphere is cold, so if this model predicts correctly, then we are in for a long next few months and this basically is just the beginning to what could be one of the coldest, longest winters in 30 years, according to some newspapers, Scotland has already seen the worst winter weather and longest cold spell in 20 years and it was the toughest run-up to a Christmas in 14 years. The liklihood for me is growing that this will become a memorable winter that I have never witnessed here in Scotland. Afterall, I have lived 26 years and global warming began back around 1979, so all I know is “global warming” but the NATURAL cycle has now done it’s course of “warm” and looks to be returning to a colder cycle the next 30 years, what id like to know is. Was last winter’s taster or precusor to a much more “wintry” year in 09-10 a signal to a return to colder times?, I believe it is…. Remembering folks that this was forecasted here since autumn and my ideas to this winter were developing at the close of last winter and throughout the summer.
I share in Mr Bastardi’s annoyance that this winter wasn’t seen. It was certainly seem from Bastardi back during the summer and I likewise called for a tougher winter than most thought, heck the UK Met Office forecasted a “warm winter”… I did not look at any model to make up this forecast… But I will be writing to the papers and other sources including the Met Office to say, look at my forecast which was issued back on Nov 1 and look at how accurate this forecast has been. I cannot write for January but certainly what has taken place so far has shocked even me at just how spot on this forecast has become. I was very, very nervous that I overshot the mark when it came to calling for such a severe winter period in Britain and especially Scotland, but I think you’ll agree, this winter will be seperated from the rest when all is said and done…..

As for the US, I am predicting that they will begin to grow colder and a major Arctic Outbreak of historic proportions loom for early on into the New Year. I have been annoyed that I have been unable to look deeper at the US pattern but time has become very limited recently with work and personal commitments, but since I am off the next 4 days I intend to write extensively on what I believe the pattern will be and how the cold and storminess will unfold.
I also hope to discuss the pattern across Europe, the cold blast I expect to penerate the heart of central Europe. For those of you that have contacted me including, Austria.. A bitter January I believe is on the way for you!!

For Britain, more snows are blowing in on a sharp northeast wind. This morning, a stiff wind combined with a sub-freezing air mass, made it feel a little raw stepping outside the house. Wind that’s ushering in Arctic reinforcements. I am predicting that the coldest stretch is during the next 4 weeks. In that time, we may take a run at records for many areas of Britain. Could the national low of -27C be threatened?
We have enjoyed a milder few days here, highs around 34 degrees has felt nice and nights barely below freezing feels amazing, but those northeast winds appear to be drawing in a colder reinforcing shot of Siberian air into the UK and highs for the next 5-7 days appear to be around or below freezing, lows likely down into the low 20s and likely a few nights will fall into the teens… The Highlands have only recovered with their temps because they’re getting blasted by snowstorms but when those skies clear out and a cold continental high pressure cell moves in over 1-3 feet of snowpack, highs will once again fail to hit -10C and lows I believe will surpass -20C…

I am predicting that the River Cyde which flow through Glasgow City Center may start to see ice form along it’s banks, could Loch Lomond start to see ice form around it’s shores?
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