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>High’s of -10C and low’s of -18C Crown the Coldest of Season So Far… Whilst nation fights major icing problems on both the roads and pavements… Vast sheets of 1-2 inch, concrete hard ice is creating major issues, I am struggling in some places to deliver my milk as I am literally holding on to my truck so I don’t fall.

Braemar, Aberdeenshire is shivering as the high yesterday only warmed to a mere 14 degrees, the lowest yesterday morning was reported at Tyndrum with a low of 3 degrees, but it was worse this morning with the first sub zero low reported in the UK for the season at Braemar with a low bottoming out at -0.4 Fahrenheit or -18C which matches last year’s coldest for the UK which was recorded at Aviemore.

As I type this we have a howling northeast wind blowing, current air temperature sitting right at freezing, creating a wind chill down around 20 to 22 degrees, lower with higher gusts, my wife mentioned that for only a mere 5-min period, we recieved a flurry here at the house…

With upwardsof 8″ of snow reported across central Wales and a couple of days ago Perthshire seeing a cripping 8-18″ of snow with Auchterader, particularly hard hit and the closure of the, often “winter weather prone” A9 all but shut in and out of Perth due to borken down or jack-knifed trucks, winter is sending a message as we begin to enter an unusually long stretch of winter weather. If I am correct, this ain’t going to quit for quite sometime…

Thanks for the great comments to you folks from Fife… Interesting stuff and please keep those comments coming. My appologies for poor response. I have struggled to get the time to even post never mind get back to you personally. Bare with me!

I had hoped to post some of US weather developments but I am needing to spend a little time with family as I have been working late today….

Stay warm and please keep those comments coming in.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >Does old man winter have the southern hemisphere in his hands?


    Blister in the sun

  2. Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar says:

    >The runes are not good, the winter looks as though it is biting and deeply.
    I for one hope the National Power Grid in Britain can withstand the peak demand times, it is a worry, much of our spare capacity has been swallowed up and no new power plant is in the 'pipeline', if Russia starts playing silly b*****s then not only Britain but all of Europe is in trouble.
    AGW? They're having a laugh aren't they?
    Or will the cold be assigned to climate change by alarmists? Wouldn't put that one past 'em.

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