>Whilst Heavy rains erode our snowpack here, It’s currently 8 degrees at Altnaharra and 9 at Aviemore right now

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>BREAKING NEWS: Rapid changeover to snow and temperature rises and now falls…. Read below

Christmas Day photos by Mark Vogan

Chilly Christmas Day in Kirkintilloch
Winter Wonderland, just outside Kirkintilloch

Just outside Lennoxtown

View from my office

View from my office

It’s now raining pretty good outside but the temperature remains at 31 degrees. Will it fail to rise above freezing for a 5th straight day?

Even if we stay below the 33 degree-mark we are likely now to loose some of our snowpack. What likely the cause here is warmer, Atlantic air riding over, colder surface air.

It’s currently snowing and 21 degrees up in Inverness whilst clear skies are shivering Altnaharra at 8 degrees, Loch Glascarnoch and Aviemore are both at 9 degrees at the moment and may fall towards zero if skies remain clear…
The heavy rains, may turn to heavy snow through the overnight but we may also find the vast majority of our snow gone by morning as the rain batters off the windows as I type at 9.26pm..

We shall see. Tomorrow still appears to see highs struggle to top 32 degrees once again and lows tomorrow night may fall towards the teens again as skies clear out. If skies are clear tomorrow night, how cold we get will depend on how much snow we have on the ground!
10.39PM UPDATE: As rains started just after 9pm within still sub-freezing air, warmth was getting pulled in off the Atlantic allowing the liquid precipitation to each the surface despite the below freezing surface, eventually, this rain and warmer air brought surface reading to above freezing even for a matter of minutes. As of 9.20pm and the temperature rose from 31 degrees to 32.3 in a matter of 20 mins or so. we saw the temp bump against 33.0 degrees at 9.56pm, only to fall back to 32.9 at 10.03pm. Winds have speedily increased out of the east and as heavy rains turn to sleet, they now are producing a mix of heavy rain, sleet and snow as the temperature hit 32.3 by 10.25 and 32.0 degrees 5 mins later. As the warm, Atlantic air fights the cold air over the central belt, clear, Arctic skies continue to cool off the central Highlands as Aviemore is now down to 5 degrees and is below the number at Altnaharra.
We are likely to see the number fall here into the upper 20s and heavy snows to fall into the morning, a low perhaps falling to around 28 degrees and tomorrows high all but peaking at 31 to 32 degrees. Tomorrow night may see teens return under clear skies.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    >One inch thick ice nearly prevented my car from escaping the clutches of the carpark this evening. The wheels were spinning, the car remained stationary. I had to reverse the car in the search for surface roughness. Luckily I hit the jackpot and gained enough momentum to continue on my way up the incline. Talk about touch and go.

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