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Written by on December 26, 2009 in Rest of Europe with 4 Comments

>Todays Extremes here at my house
High 32.9 degrees Low 27 degrees (6.28am)

SNOW/RAIN: Heavy snow in the morning which added a further quarter inch to snowpack but heavy rains moved in by evening which has eroded some of our snowpack.
Snowcover: 2″
The morning like recent morings has started off milder than the days leading up to Christmas mainly thanks to heavy cloud cover which has prevented any substantial cooling during the overnight hours. A band of moderate to at times heavy snow brought an additional quarter inch of snow which has helped keep our snow depth at between 3 and 4 inches. However despite temperatures remaining around the 31 to 32 degree-mark, a band of heavy rain moved in, this Atlantic origin air warmed the lower atmosphere enough for rain to fall heavily into a sub-freezing surface layer. The rain failed to bring us our first day in 4 ABOVE FREEZING despite eroding a large chunk of our snowpack which is now being transformed into a sloppy mess. Heavy rain and now mixing with sleet is getting blown in on a stiffening east wind making the 32 degree air feel more like 23 degrees, so a raw, wet and slippery night is in store. The low likely won’t fall or rise much above or below 32 degrees. Tomorrow I call for a high around 32 degrees which will be set likely during the morning hours and then as skies clear out and high pressure pushes in from the north, temperatures will fall through the 20s by late afternoon and evening, the snow still on the ground will allow the overnight tomorrow night to drop back into the teens for a 3rd time this month.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >I have not seen a sign of this thaw Sir Leif. When are we set to get these high temperature figures?

  2. Leif says:

    >The weather forecast this morning says that temperatures will be pushing up towards 8 deg C.

    These low pressure areas are bringing in warmer air and of course, moisture. This will fall as snow over the chilled land but I think the coastal areas are out of the woods for a bit.

    The people of the Links ought to get their surfboards out.

  3. Anonymous says:

    >Despite Leif's positive thinking, the snow pack in Fife holds firm despite the coastal rainfall overnight. Rainfall has failed to shift the snow pack at sea level in Kirkcaldy. This demonstrates the depth of this cold spell: the coldest ever experienced by those on the Links.
    Just a few miles in land, this precipitation fell as snow and dumped an extra 4 inches on places such as Glenrothes, and Cowdenbeath. I expect temperatures to fall somewhere near absolute zero in the next few days. My skates are ready for some Gelly skating.

  4. Leif says:

    >The big thaw is on, hurrah, no more wet feet and disease.

    It hasn't been below 0 deg C for the past 2 days in Lochgelly and a similar story exists at the other end of the Kingdom, Leuchars. No more curling will take place on Lochgelly and Nimrods will be able to land at Leuchars.

    I'm going out to clear the last few square metres of snow to reduce the planet's albedo. It'll be deckchair weather by Tuesday, come jetskiing on Loch Leven…

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