>Danny, nothing to write home about, but it’s the California heat and Midwest chill that’s grabbing by attention!

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>Danny, now an Extra Tropical rainstorm will bring blustery rains with as much as 2-6 inches expected but this like many storms that form in the region it did, did not manage to do anything in the sense of become a strong storm or hurricane. Too much shear and dry air was a prohibiting factor in keeping Danny nothing more than what he became, a weak tropical system that was overtaken by baroclinic properties associated with it’s more northerly formation and as it pushes further north, the more the atmosphere took charge of this wanna be tropical-sub tropical system. Coastal winds of between 30-50 mph (gusts) may be a factor but it’s more the rain and persistent weekends with rain which has been an issue in bringing 20% less tourists to Cape Cod this summer compared to last. More rain, cloud results in cooler temps and that has certainly been the case. When folks talk about staying in doors and watching a movie. that’s bad considering it’s August and folks should be out enjoying the warm days of late summer. Bill last week, Danny this week, soon it will be time to bundle up. I do expect warmth to continue, when I say warmth I mean, 70s and 80s which typically hang around the Northeast until late September. Nights in New England can start to cool off into the 40s but days remain mild to warm as the leaves show signs that summer wanes. Along the coast from New York to Bangor, Maine, summer’s warmth can linger. I’ve seen 90s well into September and certainly 80s can still occur during September, it’s ain’t over just yet. Nights nearer the warm Atlantic will remain mild at least, even if that’s, the low 60s to upper 50s…

As for the Midwest.. It’s getting chilly chilly and soon we shall see snow flakes fly. I would not be suprised to hear reports within the next few weeks of earlier than normal snowfall in the far reaches of Minnesota and southern Canada. The way this summer was went, I am guessing earlier than normal forsts will occur in the urbanised areas of Minneapolis as frosts are expected tonight in suburban Minneapolis and possibly west suburban Chicago as sky clear and the increasingly longer nights allow stronger radiational cooling which brings fog and possible frost in some areas.

As for California and much of the west, it’s hot and will remain so for the next few days as strong high pressure rules the weather there. 98 degrees yesterday in Downtown LA, whilst 111 degrees was recorded in San Bernardino and an unofficial 113 degrees was reached in Woodland Hills. Palm Springs topped a scorching 117 degrees, Las Vegas 109, 113 in Phoenix.

More coming tomorrow.

Time for bed.

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