>YES I knew we have been wet!!! I told you….. Northeast enjoys summer whilst the heat is on again for the Southwest

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Wetter-Than-Average Summer for Great Britain
Updated: Wednesday, August 26, 2009 2:48 PM

Article by AccuWeather.com
Another round of rain and wind is pushing through the United Kingdom, prompting the U.K. Meteorology Office to issue flood alerts for some rivers, including the Kent, Eden and Cocker early today. Like the Northeast United States, the United Kingdom has experienced an usually wet and cool summer. Ireland and Scotland have also been unusually wet. Rainfall in Belfast is currently 8.09 inches about the summertime average. Glasgow has received 6.01 inches above its summertime average.The cause for the wet weather this summer has been a stronger-than-average jet stream over the British Isles. In a typical summer, the jet stream will oscillate north to south and remain on the weaker side. This year, the jet stream has not as oscillated as much and has remained over the United Kingdom for days at a time. This week is a good example, as the jet stream brings a third low pressure system in as many days to the British Isles.The poor weather seems to have affected even online shopping. In a study released by retail research group IMRG Capgemini, total online sales rose by 15.7% in July compared with June. The online clothes retailers had the largest growth in sales, while alcohol demand fell. This is likely due to the fact that many summer barbecues and activities were canceled.
Story by AccuWeather.com Meteorologists Mike Pigott

A very interesting piece from my friend at AccuWeather. This sums up just how wet it’s been around here the past several weeks and how our summer was really back in May and June with the Azores high ruled the show, since then it’s been the bane of our lives here in the UK, The semi-permanent Icelandic low. A colder-than-normal winter may see less of the Atlantic low and more polar high’s! Coming up soon I hope to share thoughts and ideas of what Britain could expect this upcoming winter, since the US and Canada’s region personalised forecast has been out since early July..
The Northeast is now finally enjoying summer with heat and humidity a regular player in their overall pattern, as well, thrown in is Bill and now Danny for good measure, these and possible other East Coast runners may cool off western Atlantic and coastal waters enough to help out the Arctic High this winter when it drops into the Northeast! More on that in the weeks ahead.
be careful in the Southwest, it’s going to get really hot again. Is this the last true hot spell of 2009? Maybe, maybe not.. anyway I expect high’s between 105-110 in Vegas whilst Phoenix eyes 113 degrees for a blistering few days ahead as high pressure strengthens over the desert, this ehat will expand north, emcompassing the Rockies and into the interior PNW.
Stay cool and keep on eye on Danny!
Thanks for reading.

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