>Tropical Storm Danny takes center stage, whilst Bill is a dissapointment for Scotland, not in other places

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>Tropical Storm Danny is born as expected and likely to become the second hurricane of 2009 as it pushes west, northwest and gives East Coast residents the jitters.
My sceptisism with Danny is that for a few years now and likely for many years, it seems that storms that form and take aim at the Carolinas often seem to have a tough time strengthening or even organising off the coast in this area of the world, with Opelia, .
Here are example of tropical cyclones that did not organise well or intensify as they formed and pushed into the Carolinas.

Hurricane Ophelia
Hurricane Ernesto
Tropical Storm Gabrielle
Tropical Storm Cristobal
Hurricane Hanna

All these systems struggled and fought with either strong shear or dry air and I wondered of geography, orientation and overall climate in this region creates tougher than normal conditions for systems to organise and intensify. Of course not all storms roam this vastly warm, deep waters and helped by the Gulf Stream presense as Floyd was a bit hit as well as powerful cat 4, Hugo.
So with the development of Danny and it’s possible track that heads for the up the east coast, I wonder what will happen. Interesting days ahead.
As for Bill, his impact here in Lennowtown just north of Glasgow has been very low cloud, poor visability and periods of heavy, fine rain rain, road conditions are poor with pooling of water and spray. According to AccuWeather Meteorologist, Frank Strait, Bill’s energy slit and a loft of the wind energy heading south of us into Ireland and Wales, whilst we get just the low cloud and rain. I must say my forecast for here was pretty good in the sense I had predicted more of a rain event than wind. 40+ mph gusts were reported in Ireland!

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