>Fall has arrived for some, nearing for others and a month away for those southerly latitude folks!! Job Interview tomorrow!!!

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>Recent weeks has all been about the tropics and to be honest with you I haven’t had much of a chance to look at what’s been happening over the US simply because most of my focus and attention has been diverted to the tropics after a June though early August period with nothing.
It’s amazing at this time of year how mornings become more crisp and those cool shots out of Canada start to have a little bite to them, shaving those numbers down from July. It’s time to start thinking fall in a few weeks. For those living in more northerly latitudes, jackets will soon be coming out, those living well north and away from ocean moderation could soon be looking at snow showers as well as frosty starts. Here in Scotland, it’s more of a continuation of what’s been a persistent cool, wet and unsettled pattern thanks to the trough that’s been dominating our atmosphere for many weeks. Now Bill is going to produce more rain and perhaps some wind by morning, despite the calm, quiet night out there right now.
Down in the more southerly of latitudes, it’s still summer and shall be until the end of September, so in Alaska and much of Canada from say northern British Columbia, Alb, Sas, Man on eastward, it’s the end of summer, but points south to a line from Portland, Ore to Portland, ME, it’s the summer end game and all points south, it’s summer for another month. Nights may start to cool a bit but days can still roast into the 80s and 90s for Texas, OK and the Deep South, the Southwest, sure can still get hot. Las Vegas and Phoenix will likely see 100s for another few weeks before they too start to cool, well to the 90s! By September 15, they may be seeing those last 100s for 2009.
As for the tropics.. well.. that’s still to peak! Ocean Heat content is commencing it’s “peak” for the year and with entering into the heart of the hurricane season. The system over the western Atlanic looks to be Danny in the making and may pose a significant threat to the Eastern Seaboard, but I shall talk more on that later.
Sorry for these seemingly informative posts these past couple of days, but these are once again busier than I would like days and I am not getting the same amount of time to post. I have a job interview tomorrow which is consuming my time tonight and I need an early night in bed since I started work at 4.17 this morning, been a long day!
Good night and wish me luck for tomorrow!! I recieved my HGV (truckers) license in April and this is my first interview. It’s with a Dairy company.. Perhaps ill get the chance to drive for them…

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Mark'sWxWorld says:

    >Hi Carlo,
    Thanks for your kind comments, it's much appreciated. Interview went well and I now await a phone call which I believe will be tomorrow. Where are you from my friend? I shall let you know through my posts whether I am successful or not! Take care

  2. Carlo says:

    >Mark, good luck for tomorrow, go for it.

    gr Carlo

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