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I can never understand why British weather forecasters have to explain low pressures by saying things like “that thing” or that big blob of rain, man alive, we need to educate the public better at describing low’s and what’s happening a bit better.

ANYWAY.. It’s raining hard here right now in Lennoxtown in west-central Scotland and I am expecting the remnant low of what was Bill which started it’s life as a thunderstorm complex (Mesoscale Convective System/Complex) which blasted it’s way across the rainforests of central Africa and then headed out over the vast open waters of the tropical Atlantic, developed warm-cored mid and low level low pressure circulations before maturing into depression 3, Tropical Storm and finally hurricane Bill, intensified to a category 4, 135 mph system, swung around the southwest Atlantic where the weakness in the mid-Atlantic ridge was, brought 20-40 feet waves onshore along the Eastern Seboard before riding along the Nova Scotia coast before making it’s one and only landfall as a tropical storm in Newfoundland. Wave action was the main story with Bill, then left Newfoundland shores, speeding up in the process as it climbed about the high speed westerlies, transitioning from warm core to cold core, developed for the first time in it’s life, fronts and now is spinning wind and rain in from the southwest across Britain tonight. Like I expected, it’s not going to bring widespread gale force winds and blinding rains. May bring that to exposed coasts where 40-60 mph gusts may occur but overall I expect increasin rains tonight with an increase in rains, most gusty conditions experienced with each finger of rainbands come through. Tomorrow will start wet and blustery and winds may be fairly strong. Rains to ease up later in the afternoon but winds could still be strong as isobars tighten as the center nears us.

I would like to get some photos of this event IF it gets wild here but only IF as there might not be much to take.

I am also going to struggle for time tomorrow to even observe things to much detail as I unexpectedly recieved a call today and that I have a job interview tomorrow for the afternoon. I get out of work around 1pm and shall be rushing to go for this interview and this may hold me back from much computer stuff till tomorrow night. We shall see how things unfold.

Stay tuned as I post later this evening on the new development potential in the Caribbean.

Thanks for reading.

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