>Claudette breezes ashore

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> http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/weather/08/17/weather.severe.storms/index.html?iref=mpstoryview

Tropical Storm Claudette Coverage

Landfall: Just SE of Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Time: 1.10am

Sustained Wind: approx 50 mph, higher gusts

Nothing more than a tropical breeze and downpours, though when I say that, scattered power outages and minor damage was reported with downed trees and possibly some shingles torn from some exposed roofs, but this was more of a rainstorm to the Florida Panhandle as winds and storminess was WORSE in Kansas where severe thunderstorms made for worse conditions there. Also condidering that some strong sea-breeze thunderstorms that blow up across Florida can produce the same kind of rains as Claudette has delivered but winds have often been stronger from typical summetime thunderstorms.

Rainfall is the biggest story from this and concern with rainfall rates at the height of Claudette’s landfall of 1-2 inches per hour with apparently 6 inches fallen by 2am ET in extreme southern Gulf County some loca;ised flooding has and will occur..

Hurricane Bill continues to strengthen over the open Tropical Atlantic as it recieves good conditions and warming waters as the storm spins westward. I expect category two strength anytime as this storm currently supports 90 mph winds and gusts likely topping 100 mph. Ana, a tropical depression has shown a flare up of thunderstorms as it heads across the island, we continue to watch this and despite little concern of anything serious over the islands, I expect possible restrengthening if over waerm waters for an extended period of time.

More later on the dynamics that will drive Bill and Ana, it’s a very complex weather map and hectic few days ahead. With my busy work schedule I am limited in my postings but by Wednesday afternoon I am off work until Monday and shall have more regulkar information, and thoughts on what’s happening.

Thanks for reading. Check checking back for more. I shall have a detailed discussion coming up later today.


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  1. Jamie says:

    >if you want to see wind and rain on a daily basis, visit Scotland. It's a hoot. I would recommend Fort William if you enjoy wet weather. Winds can hit over 100 mph on a wild night too in most locations in Scotland. Trees fall, power lines knocked out, and roof tiles slide off the roof.

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