>Hurricane Threat increasing for the United States

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Ok, as we continue watching ever closer at the tropics these days, models and man search for their theories on where these what are now a depression and large wave or series of waves are going to do.

I am pretty excited as models and personal thoughts are can sending me to the idea that a storm is brewing. A major hurricane is becoming more and more likely given the overall situation. There are several features to watch closely. One moving into the islands in the eastern Caribbean which will need to be watched closely I think into the later part of the weekend and early next week, for a Gulf Threat. The twin areas of convection that look to be blowing up thunderstorms OVER THE WARM WATER, which tells me of potential there…

Then there’s both TD. 2 and the wave behind it. BTW TD2 is doing a great job at surviving under enormous pressure with a heck of a lot of dry air and shear which is weakening and this system is though weak looks to be entering a better environment for development. Both TD 2 and the wave are looking like good, large areas of circulation. Lots of broad areal coverage of clouds spiralling around the center with an increase lately of convection over top of the surface low. If the dry air can ease and even with a relaxing of shear aloft, the surrounding energy may be allowed to pin into the core and allow TD 2 to become a storm. The large wave behind has a much richer, moist atmosphere to work with thanks to TD 2 and this system is looking more impressive in the latest sat images.

USA Concerns.

I am becoming more concerned that both TD 2 and the following wave will develop sometime in the next few days and intensify into hurricanes, both of which will eye the Eastern Seaboard mid to late next week… I shall talk more tomorrow on ideas and shall issue a prediction Sun or Monday with revised predictions throughout next week… Stay tuned.

Also check out the latest with the National Hurricane Center and AccuWeather.

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