>Despite everything, we haven’t seen a major US landfalling hurricane since 2005 on US shores

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Hurricane Rita in 2005 as a catagory 5 storm

Despite, Ike and Gustav of last year we haven’t actually seen a catagory 3 landfall on US soil since Hurricane Wilma struck South Florida in October 2005. All of the stronger hurricanes of 2008 struck the US as Catagory 2 though possible debate as to whether at least 1 should have been cat 3..

Also remember there was no US hurricane landfalls in 2006, stark contrast to 2005!

The strongest US landfalling hurricane since 2001 was Charley in August 2004 which struck Southwest FL as a strong cat 4… Every other hurricane was at most a cat 3!

Some interesting facts. More hurricane facts anf figures coming up.

Good night.


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