>As tropics heat up, North Dakota 100s, Autumn nears

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This photo I took last June on my way to work at 4.25am

I’ve noticed over recent clear, calm nights as the sunset grows ever shorter with time, temperatures are getting that ever bit chiller. Autumn nears as summer commences it’s finally. The sun is getting lower yet in places across the USA, the only indication over summer’s nearing end is the shortening nights and ones look at the calender. Minot, North Dakota along with many other Northern Rockies and Northern Plains towns baked yesterday in it’s hottest temperatures of summer. The tropical Atlantic nears an historic peak and snows will soon start flying across our northern world. Once the land of the midnight sun, soon heads towards total darkness beyond the Arctic Circle where mild days under cool breezes become increasingly cold, icier nights. This all, at the same time places to the south see their hottest temperatures of the year.

Here in Scotland, what started off as beautiful and balmy abruptly turned on it’s heels to utter dissapointment as a large, deep trough dropped over us, lending unsettled heavy showers, cool breezes and the end to BBQ’s for weeks. In between the torrents of rain, came strong wind and periods of sticky sunshien, but the dark clouds were always looming, tauntingly on our horizon as the next band of wind blown showers roated in on a pesky, torturous low that dominated our weather map. The joy of British weather.

It’s funny how after unseasonable chills in the Northeast United States, those who have complained about it being too cold must not fret too much, at least “cool or cold” to you folks is 70s or even low 80s, heck warm to us is 70 and cool, well, grab a jacket and pray that thermometer makes 60, add in a brisk west wind off 50 degree ocean and you get 50 degree realfeels… Those in Seattle, that day it topped off a toasty 103, were probably cursing, yet when the rain comes day after day, the complaints change once again.

It’s amazing at how we grumble about the weather eh, if the sun’s out it’s too hot, if it’s not, it’s too cold, yet look at the poor folks in Taiwan right now, or the folks still struggling after Katrina, Ike or the Tsunami in 2004.

I now drive to work again in more or less complete darkness, heating on full until I waken up a bit and heavy dew on the windscreen soon will turn to unsteaming and finally deicing over the short weeks ahead, I love it but many hate it..

Hang in there Texans, Oklahomans, Arizonians, your heat blazes on but your past the worst, unfortunately, my best advice to those residents who live anywhere from Brownville, Texas to Halifax, Nova Scotia, start paying attention to a tropical season, though all but dead in 2009 may just be wakening up. It is now you must stay alert and have a plan in place. It only takes 1 storm to hit your area this year or any year to make for a bad year, a devastating year and one that could destroy you if you simply neglect warnings.

Perhaps, we’ll enjoy an Indian summer before the cold arrives for yet another winter.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Jamie says:

    >What an enjoyable blog Mark. Keep up the good work! I like the contrast between sunny USA and gloomy Scotland. I see we are set for some more damp tomorrow and much of the weekend. Particularly mild wet at that!

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