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Written by on August 8, 2009 in Rest of Europe with 3 Comments

>Why does a press release come out about Glaciers Melting when snows fall during summer across Alpine Europe and North America.

Tropical activity is down and signs all around that the tropics are cooling off?

It’s warm perhaps more than cold simply because IT’S SUMMER, you would expect that but not expect snows to fall in Colorado in July or California and in other western states in early August.

Checkout these pieces.






This all on the heels of one of the coldest ever US Eastern Julys….. Blame global warming…

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  1. Jamie says:

    >thanks for your reply. I was a former colleague of yours at BHS. I stay in sunny Kirkcaldy (AKA the home of Mr Brown).

    I appreciate your blogs. They are entertaining and I like to keep an eye on trends. I've thought that we are heading for a cool period since the tender age of 13 (I'm now 25). I dread the end of our lengthy growing season here in UK. I think this will happen in my lifetime and it may be a quick transitional stage. Perhaps you should set up an independent network of thermometers to take your own measurements to prove your ideas.

  2. Mark'sWxWorld says:

    >sure it snows at high elevation throughout the year, but not at ski resort level all that often. The snow in Aviemore in June was very unusual here in Scotland. One must remember Scotland isn't as cold as many think, particularly those from across the pond. We have a very mild climate compared to the Northern Plains, out across the American West and Canada, much of which is further south than us here in the British Isles. Snow in summer here is unusual, perhaps from time to time, the highest peaks may get a dusting and ice lies in sheltered areas throughout the year.. Thanks for your comments. where are you from?

  3. Jamie says:

    >Surely it snows at such high elevations in Europe from time to time midsummer. I know that, for instance, that summer snowfall is something that features above 3500 Ft in Scotland. It snows above 3000 ft in June at the 95 % confidence interval. In July, its slightly unusual, and come August, the first snows dust the likes of Ben Nevis, and the peaks of the Cairngorms.

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