>No Sunspots, No New York 90s, No Tropical Cyclones. Signs of bigger things to come or just a fluke?

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Summer 2009 shows signs of change: Reversal
Over the next several weeks, months and years ahead, I am hoping to tap into the solar cycle side of things and try to understand correlations between what the sun is doing and how it effects our weather here on earth.

No 90s still in New York, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and others cities as we speed now into August. with no sunspots and very low solar activity for quite some time is something to pay attention to and may honestly be something to be concerned about. I can’t believe how dead the tropics are worldwide.. Can you? With the stunning cold July we have just seen across the vast majority of the United States and clear cooling of our oceans, is this a sign of something much bigger looming, a repeat of the late 1800s early 1900s deep cold period, the record cold of the past couple of months are striking in the fact that records these days are falling within those fiercely cold years when the Dalton Minimum occured and believe me, if we saw that kind of cold return, this world may have a hard time coping. What I am wanting to better understand is where is the sun’s cycle at, where has it been before and most importantly, where is it heading? It can become unnerving when you see the sun remain quiet for a long time and when you see the magnitude of cold stretching from the eastern Rockies to Eastern Seaboard and the total lack of Tropical activity, one most ask questions, are we cooling down unprecidently, is it a gradual cooling or are we still kiding ourselves on that we are still heating up? I mean, global warming is to blame for all this cold, lol, that’s why the Pacific is cooling, that’s why the Atlantic is cooling and that’s why our continents in which we live on, are cooling down! GLOBAL WARMING! Put it this way, if, it is global warming that’s “causing” this, then god help us all, if global warming wasn’t around and Al Gore and others had some other thing up their sleeves to cheat money off people and win grammys and oscars on some other fictional theories in a fairy tale place in which they live. Indeed they will not give up without a fight and without attempting to alter our laws in order to “save the planet”.

I personally don’t believe we will see 90 degrees this month in New York, I also don’t see much of anything develop in the August until at least the 15th. Is this the signalling of a greater cold season ahead than even the experts are predicting? Or is it no big deal and just a blip? I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw the same kind of blue show up on the map for departures from normal in December/January or February 2010 as we are seeing for July 2009 across a similar area of the country. This July is just too outrageous to be a total fluke and I see things become progressively colder through the next few years as the low solar constant eases off it’s energy output to earth and helps further cooldown the oceans, cutting off atmospheric heating and therefore forcing the polar regions to grow colder and expansive. Is solar cycle 24 already entered solar cycle 25, are we heading for a Dalton Minimum? A magnetic reversal?. If we are say in the next 10 years, our world in which we know it today will be transformed into a very different place, a place where winter rules and summers, though still warm and display record heat waves, will be shorter and cold records are easier to break. I would go so far as to say we will see at least 5 NEW ALL-TIME COLD records broken this winter and potential for a new State record and the North Atlantic will dramatically cooldown over the northwest Atlantic where a cold pool dominates, I also see a La Nina form next year again, perhaps by late winter or spring. Despite the cooldown, we have years yet before the world gets truly cold. Canada may see the most dramatic alteration in it’s long term pattern first as the warmth of the past 20 years fades and we are already seeing that very evident by colder, snowier winters and short, cool summers. The United States is chipping away at it’s warmth and returning to it’s early stages of the world’s next cold cycle. Europe has been a very warm place over the past 10 years and really the last 30 years and last winter was colder and snowier for the UK and central Europe but very much evident simply because we have had extremely warm winters because of the warm Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, this upcoming winter could be more severe but I am reluctant as to how severe as warm waters still lie around the UK, France and Spain, up into Scandivania, which could force warming for another few years until the cooling of the tropics push northward and enter the North Atlantic.
Cold summer months in the 92-94 time period was blamed on Volcanic Eruptions. What About 2009?
Although some areas have seen volcanic activity, Redoubt in Alaska is one that stands out, but this cooling is not just over the past 6 months or a year, it’s said to have been cooling down since 2002, I believe 2008 is a major turning point, especially across North America, ever since, winters have grown colder and so too have summers but it’s not really volcanoes to blame, the sun? perhaps but with the Pacific Climate Shift, the resulting La Nina, the relationship between the low solar sunspot activity, is dimming the lights enough to tell us, major changes are on the way, so you better be ready. Global Warmistas likely know this but they will do anything they can to try and trick the public and get as much money out of us as well as controlling the government power and altering the laws of lands. I see the changes coming but what worries me is that I think the colder world that we’re entering is much deeper than many may wish to consider. This could be a once in 1,000 year switch!
More discussion ahead on thoughts and ideas of what’s happening to our climate and what is summer 2009 telling us..

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Jamie says:

    >I'd be interested to see the temp anomaly integrated over the area of north america? I think it would be statistically insignificant. This analysis might be extended to an annual temperature anomaly map? What are the uncertainties asssociated with these temperature anomalies? Are we talking +/- 2 degrees F? How does this map compare to other July maps?

  2. rhysjaggar says:

    >You may be right, you may be wrong, but:

    1. It'll take a decade at least for arctic polar ice to return to 'normal'. That's fine by me.
    2. Building up Europe's glaciers again will be a good thing and agricultural production may go south, but it won't die out. Adaptation is the name of the game.
    3. It's time to insulate our homes and build new ones properly. Like they do in Germany, Sweden and Austria.
    4. Scotland's winter tourism should flourish – more climbers going to the Ben, Glencoe etc etc and cross-country ski-ing become fun again.
    5. You're saying we're at the end of the modern 'Climatic Optimum'? You might be right, you might be a coupla hundred years early….
    6. My money is already on a Dalton minimum.
    7. I still think North Africa will be a nice place to exist though. Maybe California will become nicer? Texas less hot in summer? Sounds good. Spain's summer less burning hot? Sounds good.
    8. Perhaps the UK should keep its agricultural land down south for that, eh?
    9. Russia seems to be able to exist with freezing cold winters – why can't we cope with a little bit colder ones?
    10. Ditto Canada.
    11. Ditto Wisconsin.

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